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Working with Word

We all know that feeling of having produced a Word document, maybe 40 or 50 pages long, and then just when you think it's perfectly formatted, a rogue line appears somewhere, or a break in the page appears where it shouldn't.

Or, you put a header and footer in the page only to find it has an annoying line appear underneath for no reason at all and proves impossible to remove. Well, last week my skills in sorting out these annoying problems came to the fore. A client found me via Google and asked if I could sort out a project that he'd worked on many years ago but had not finished because he'd struggled to get it looking good - but with Lockdown 3.0 underway, he found it tucked away in his office, sent it on to me, and now he's finally moving on to finishing his project. Done and dusted, sorted and looking professional.

Document formatting - love it or hate it but if you want it looking good, then consider investing in someone who knows most of the tricks in the book.


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