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Your business is running smoothly but  is the paperwork building up and your time running short?  Do you have a large event coming up and need support with emails, databases and event planning? Do you want to focus on your key priorities and not have to worry about admin?  


BOSS Business Office Support Services can support you whether you need just an hour or two, a whole day, a week or a month.


By outsourcing your  admin tasks, using BOSS Business Office Support Services,  I can help you save on costs and commitments that build up if you take on new staff.

For businessmen and women on the move, or even if you are on holiday,  if you have digital technology at your fingertips to dictate those urgent memos, notes, letters and reports, then I can transcribe these and return them to you in digital format quickly and accurately. Why miss out on your holiday and relaxation time when I can free up that precious time?





Many people find that there are certain times in their daily lives when they need some organisation of their paperwork.  Essays and manuscripts, diaries and novels get tucked away in a drawer because no-one has the time or the typing skills to transcribe, copy type, format or publish them.  BOSS Business Office Support Services can assist you with all of these.


It may be that you just require one or two letters professionally typed, or perhaps a newsletter published and sent out,  but with little time in which to do it all. I can do this for you.


Give your CVs and job applications a professional look, and increase your chances of getting through to an interview.  



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