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The old ones are the best

I've had a busy morning discussing two pieces of work that I really enjoy doing - a client who wants a traditional mail-merge (yes, actually printing out letters and posting them!) and another requesting me to deliver my minute-taking course for some of their employees.

There are probably some people who think that mail-merging and minute-taking are not used so often these days, but you'd be surprised just how often these are requested. Taking concise and accurate minutes is a skill that is often under-valued, and mail-merge is becoming popular again. Who'd have guessed?!

What does this say about old skills making a come-back? Whilst the technology has moved on, it's no surprise that with the strict rules around GDPR, businesses are looking again at ways of attracting your attention with mail-shots, but of the old-fashioned kind that get delivered to your door and, when done properly, can often have good results in the marketing world. There's a difference between the glossy 'junk mail' that most of us put in the bin, and the letter which arrives personally addressed, in a good quality envelope (normally a window envelope) and attracts our interest. Many of us actually open those, and just occasionally it might be something that we're actually interested in!


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