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Maintaining the work-life balance

We seem to have gone from Winter to Summer and missed out Spring altogether - but I'm not complaining as at last we have some warm, sunny weather. I think it's important to have a good work-life balance and after a couple of very busy weeks, working flat out to meet client deadlines and priorities, and juggling the hours in the day, I finally found time to spend some time relaxing - and what better way than on the water.

Living on the Isle of Wight, we are of course surrounded by water and see it in all weathers, but when the sun is out, and it's not too windy, then the sea has relaxing qualities and can transport you to another world, whether you choose to stay on terra firma or on the water. I was fortunate enough to be out on the water, and whilst it's still almost impossible to go on foreign travel, for me this has to be the next best thing.

So my advice for anyone starting to run their own business, is to ensure you give yourself time away, to recharge batteries and take a step back from the inevitable pressures. Make time for yourself, try and schedule work in such a way that there are clear boundaries of when you're available and when you're not - and enjoy more time doing things with family and friends without feeling guilty!


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