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Keeping up to speed!

I don't think many of us expected April showers to include sleet and snow! This time last year, the cherry blossom was in full bloom and the weather was warm, but very cold temperatures these last couple of weeks has meant more time indoors, and consequently more time to concentrate on ensuring that essential skills in Word, Excel and other important apps and tools are kept up to date.

Many businesses find they need formatted templates for a range of different reports. This saves them time and, using Word, I can create a library of working documents that are ready to use and fully formatted. A feature in Word, called 'Developer', is needed to create these templates, although Microsoft does not make this very easy for people to find as it needs to be turned on via Options. So, not surprisingly, that's why many businesses ask me to create the templates for them whilst they carry on with running their businesses.

It's therefore important that I keep up with new developments within software, apps and tools that I use most frequently - these include Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher), Canva, MailChimp and OneDrive, amongst many others.

So whilst I hope we see an end to these cold days soon, it does allow me to ensure that my knowledge and the BOSS Business Office Support Services systems are all up to date and I'm up to speed with any new features so that I can continue to support my clients and their businesses to their expected standards of excellence.


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