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Is this really work?!😎

Yes! Yesterday I delivered a typed manuscript to a client in Ventnor, then had a stroll along the seafront and it occurred to me that not everyone is so lucky to have this just ten minutes from their doorstep. For me, this is the perfect balance for work and life - time to meet up with clients, coffee and chats, then a reflective, quiet time strolling along the beach.

This was taken yesterday, when the sea was still coming in on the tide at speed, but at least the sun was shining.

The previous day we had winds of 96mph at the Needles, and today cloudy grey skies, drizzle and rain, all day.

Business owners have very different reasons and views on how they manage the work/life balance. There will always be times when the workload just doesn't allow for saunters along the beach, but I try to manage those particularly busy times even if it just means a coffee break away from my desk. Others revel working long late hours and early mornings in order to meet deadlines. We're all different but that's what makes running your own business such a pleasure - we do it our way.

And in the meantime, I'm waiting for summer to come ...!


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