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Into September

August is usually a fairly quiet time for me, which I use to recharge batteries and enjoy all that living on the Isle of Wight has to offer - sun, sand and sea!

Cowes Week

It's also a good time for me to take stock of where BOSS Business Office Support Services is, what tasks need to be done to ensure things are running smoothly and also look at the different services that I offer - are some more popular than others?

Certainly in the past, Mailchimp was popular and I frequently put together newsletters for small businesses, but whilst this is still something I'm asked for occasionally, I think other business tools have come along which have made it much easier for business owners to work on their own marketing, which can only be a good thing.

The focus for my work has begun to shift towards providing support whereby I'm seen as an integral part of the organisation, albeit a freelance one. This of course provides flexibility for the organisation and for me, and yet has continuity.

So if I were to be asked what skills and experience do I use most in my work, I would say:

  • fast, accurate typing and audio typing skills (used in a variety of different types of work but includes minute-taking, live or on Zoom/Teams etc, report typing, transcriptions)

  • attention to detail

  • communication skills

  • organisational skills

  • listening skills

  • ability to quickly learn new skills

  • quick-thinking

  • time management

  • creative skills

  • high levels of competency in Microsoft Word and other popular apps

Yes, that's quite a list but does come with more than 35 years of experience!!

So, as I move into September, the diary is filling up, the work is flowing in steadily and I'm looking forward to being rushed off my feet again - and also find time to get to a couple of networking events too!



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