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Describe the problem!

What do you say when someone asks you, 'So, what do you do'? Do you dive straight in with a thirty second pitch covering your name, the name of the business and a few well-rehearsed words on general aspects of what your business offers?

I know I do this, but I also know that it's not the best way of generating interest in how I might actually help someone behind the scenes with business support. BOSS Business Office Support Services does describe the service I provide, but it's all encompassing and, dare I say it, delightfully vague!

So, I've been thinking about how, when I'm asked what it is that I do, (which is usually the first question someone asks at a networking event as that's why most of us are there), how I might change my response from the usual 'pitch'.

I've realised, and I'm beginning to learn albeit it's taken me a while, that I'm more likely to grab someone's attention, and therefore sow that vital seed that I might be able to assist them a great deal with admin and business support, if I describe a common problem.

So, what's the quickest way to do this? Well, I think I've cracked it! I let them tell me what it is they do first and from there I try and create a focused introduction on what it is that I do, perhaps with an emphasis on how I might be able to come up with some solutions that they hadn't realised they need, by describing common problems. So in response to their question of what it is that I do, I launch straight in with, 'Well, you know how people sometimes use displacement activity to avoid doing something they're not particularly interested in but need to do, like create some templates for making life easier when you often write similar reports, or don't want to put together the latest newsletter because it just takes so much time, or ...... ." (etc, etc - fill in relevant information) - "-Well, tada, that's what I do!". Hopefully, they say, 'Oh of course, yeah, I know what you mean, I could do with some help like that......." and there you have it!

So, in a nutshell, describe the problems that you solve for other clients when you're asked what you - it might just be that they have similar things on their mind, that they have little time to think about what their problem is, but you may just have given them some food for thought.


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