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Hello Spring

I took some time off in February and have come back fully refreshed and ready to get back into work mode. I've always found, like most freelancers, that January and February are quieter months which gives me a chance to catch up with all the 'business related' tasks that can build up.

So now I'm up to date and the diary has filled up quickly for March, April and May. I think these months are my favourite months - everything is fresh, gardens start to fill with colour and sometimes the sun shines brilliantly! Of course, we're just as likely to have snow in March so whilst there is a sunny photo of me below on Ventnor Beach taken on 3 March, you can tell that it's not so warm as I'm still wearing a woolly hat!

These next couple of months, I'll be working on some interesting projects - putting together a national newsletter, minuting four Trust board meetings, document and report formatting, putting together a new course on minute-taking and organising some important paperwork into an effective filing system. That should keep me busy ....


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