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All in a day's work

The thing I enjoy most about my work, and being my own boss, (pun intended), is that I can often combine a working day with a brisk but leisurely walk, some much needed sun rays and a cappuccino. Today was such a day - beautiful clear skies and a blue Solent, chilly but sunny. I'd been taking minutes for a Board meeting, and after that set off for a walk along Cowes seafront and past the Royal Yacht Squadron. Even at this time of year, the Solent will have two or three hardy sailors out in their yachts and they have the Solent as a playground all to themselves - a huge contrast to the activities in the summer.

So, talking of Board meetings, I know that many people are not sure why some meetings need to be minuted - surely a few notes jotted down as a reminder for some tasks that people may have to do would suffice? Yes, probably in many cases that's true. But for some meetings, there are several reasons why meetings should be minuted.

Here at six reasons why Trust Boards should have a minute taker :

1️ Accountability: A minute taker ensures accurate records of board meetings,

2 Legal Compliance: Detailed minutes serve as crucial legal documents, protecting the board and organisation in case of disputes or audits.

3️ Effective Communication: Clear meeting minutes help board members and stakeholders stay informed, fostering better communication.

4️ Focus on Discussion: Delegating minute-taking allows board members to focus on discussions and strategic planning, without distractions.

5️ Memory Aid: Minutes serve as a memory aid, helping boards remember past decisions, lessons learned, and progress made.

6️ Documentation for Growth: Well-maintained records can guide future strategies, providing valuable insights and continuity.

Having a dedicated minute taker ensures your trust board operates efficiently, transparently, and with a long-term vision.

Of course, having taken the minutes, they now need to be typed up, checked, proofread, circulated.....but that's another story.


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