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A typical week

Is there such a thing as a typical week in the virtual business support world? I'm not sure that there is but it's an interesting question, so I'll try to answer it.

For me, there is no typical week. Yes, I have work which comes in cycles (minuting meetings etc) and work which comes through almost daily from established clients, but the difference there is that sometimes that work might only take 10 minutes, other times it might take three hours.

Then there are the 'start to finish' projects - those that have a very clear beginning and end where I'm left pretty much to my own devices to complete the job - for example, typing, formatting, proofreading a manuscript, or audio typing surveyors' reports starting with a template and finishing with the completed report. Four times a year I produce a very traditional newsletter for a client whereby I'm sent articles and photos from members of a national farming organisation, and I turn those into a 35 page newsletter, which is subsequently printed and posted from the mainland to all their members. So, that might turn out to be a typical week when the focus for much of my time will be on that particular project for maybe two weeks.

So let's take a look at last week:

· trip out of the office to take Minutes

· audio typing of previously recorded Minutes

· amendments to a book manuscript

· creation of working templates for report-writing

· PA support – emails, letters, action plans and research

· Populating templates and reports with research and photos

So for me, there is no typical week but I enjoy the variation in my work, and most of all, I ensure I always take time out of my day to enjoy the office view. And of course, now that the warmer weather is here, I take a daily walk in the countryside which surrounds me or a walk along by the lighthouse.

green fields and blue sky
Office view

Lighthouse and sea
St Catherine's Lighthouse, Niton


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