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  • Sue

Be your own boss

Last weekend I walked 22km and did 38,000 steps – all in a good cause for the Mountbatten Hospice here on the Isle of Wight. Every year in May, more than 8000 people Walk the Wight from Bembridge in the East to Alum Bay in the west, a total of 26 miles. For those of us who don’t want to do the whole walk, it is split into two halves and I undertook the second half from Newport to Alum Bay together with my family – 14.5 miles in total.

It was a glorious day, mainly warm sunshine although a breeze blew in as we got nearer to the Needles, but that's to be expected. Naturally, to say my knees and legs ached at the end of the day would be an understatement but unlike some folk who needed to worry about how they would get to work the next day, being my own boss allowed me to prioritise tasks and work priorities so that I could recover easily and take a day off. This I managed to do quite easily by relaxing in the sunshine on a lounger with a good book!

For those who have considered taking the exciting but daunting task of breaking free from being an employee to being an employer, remember that if you take the plunge, when you next feel like a day off, or a shopping trip or a holiday, you won’t need to ask anyone – be you own boss!

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