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  • Sue

Sun and Snow

Within a space of a week we've had temperatures ranging from an unbelievably cold -4C up to an almost balmy 10C today and in between some bouts of sunshine. Although it's not that warm yet, we are now hopefully heading in the right direction.

But with the ice-rink roads, whilst good for tobogganing down, particularly in Ventnor where some of our roads are likened to those in Madeira, working from home became an easy option - but it does take willpower! With today's technology allowing access to information across devices, this allows many businesses to keep in touch and this was the case for me. It's still very tempting though to indulge in 'displacement activity' - so, just another cup of coffee before starting on a piece of work, or just a few more pages to read of a good book by the fire ..... you get the picture!

But today, back in the office, this was the view at low tide and it's not often that I spot people walking below the rocks at the far end of Ventnor Bay near the Spyglass Inn - not to tried when the tide is coming in though!

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