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21st Century Audio Typing

During this month, one of the tasks I've been working on are audio transcriptions of interviews for a client who is undertaking a PHD - it's interesting work and even more so given that more than 30 years audio typing was something that simply meant sticking a pair of earphones on, putting a cassette tape into a Stenorette (as they were called in those days) and listening to and typing the dictation that was on the tape. There were no fancy gizmos. Audio typists didn't have the luxury of knowing how much work was on the tape, although it did have a little counter, and that was about it.

Well, now, transcription is undertaken through audio files, played through transcription modules in computer software, with every device available to make the transcriptionist's job an easier one. Files can be put into folders, trays, transcription trays, pending trays, ... the list goes on. And yet it's a funny thing - despite all this technology, I still refer to having 'two tapes to do'....but of course they're not tapes anymore, but audio files. A fascinating leap into the 21st century. So for those of you who are of a certain age and wonder whatever happened to the audio typist and the little cassette tapes, now you know!

Anyway, come rain or shine, I still enjoy watching all the seasons from the office window - this is the latest one - A foggy day down Ventnor way!

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