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Happy New Year - into 2017!

We're into 2017 - and on 5th January 2017 the BOSS IW office will be celebrating two years of business! They say time flies as you get older, and that is definitely the case as it doesn't seem two years ago that I sat at my new desk, admiring the sea view and sunshine glinting on the waves, and wondering if the business would get off the ground, and how long it would take for the first client to appear, always hoping that one would actually appear!

I need not have worried - within two days I had my first client and BOSS IW was under way. They say that running your own business can either be feast or famine - and that's true too. Some months the work flows in, and other months are much quieter but in the end it balances out, and that's what makes it exciting!

So, Happy New Year to everyone and may we all enjoy health, wealth and happiness in 2017.

Celebrating 2 years of BOSS IW

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