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  • Sue

It's nearly a year of BOSS IW

Today the temperature is still up around 16C even though we're well into Autumn, and as usual the sun is shining in Ventnor and the waves are rolling in on the beach - we've also had some very low tides this year, exposing rocks which go out much further than I thought.

From the BOSS IW window I get to see all the seasons, sometimes in one day! With such a wonderful view from the office, and it's high and central position on the Ventnor coastline, it's not surprising that in November of last year, when the office became available in what was then the old Coastal Management Centre but which is now Ventnor Enterprise Centre, we decided to launch BOSS IW.

So, on November 14 2015 we'll have been in business for a year - and like all fledgling businesses we've had to learn along the way, take each day as it comes and rise to any challenges that came our way. And, we're still enjoying it and we'll definitely be celebrating come November!

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