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  • Sue

New signage for the BOSS IW office

Well there's no excuse now for not finding the BOSS IW office - smart new signage has now been placed both inside the building and on the outside, clearly showing the Salisbury Gardens building, and the names of the offices and businesses, within the Ventnor Enterprise Centre, which are located on the top two floors of the building.

Of course, it's always easy to see Salisbury Gardens from almost any spot in Ventnor, as it stands on its elated position high above the cliff and yet just a couple of minutes walk into the town or down to the beach.

The lower two floors house our local town council, Ventnor Town Council, and some community services including Health Visitors and the Police - we're always going to be in safe hands then!! Over the last hundred years or so, the Salisbury Gardens building has been everything from an Hotel to a Coastal Management Centre - and now both private businesses and public sector offices can enjoy all the benefits of this lovely building.

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