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  • Sue

What happened to June?

Regular readers of the BOSS Blog will know that I like to post a blog at least once a month, so those with a keen eye will notice that there's no June blog!

We did have time though to follow the yachts taking part in the superb Round the Island Race on Saturday 27 June, firstly from Castlehaven where we had the best vantage point as the yachts raced around the headland and St Catherine's Lighthouse, and then moving on to the BOSS office with our grandstand view as they headed across Ventnor Bay, and then from The Seapot at Wheelers Bay where we enjoyed Pimms and crab baguettes. The day was definitley one of champagne sailing.

We're now well into July, although the blustery grey day as seen from the BOSS office today is more like January, and families and holidaymakers will soon descend upon Ventnor and enjoy all that it has to offer. If you're thinking of having a holiday, or your admin staff are about to go on holiday, then don't forget that the BOSS office is here to help - we have our own office space, hardware and resources and the amount of time taken to undertake any tasks is the only expense. Give us a call, email or Skype if you'd like more information.

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