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  • Sue Matthews

First day of Spring

So the clocks went forward and on the drive into the office today it was very noticeable that Spring is here - from the cliche of the lambs frollicking in the fields to the giant coaches parked in the car park where I normally park and which I have, mostly, to myself! Good news for Ventnor though and driving through the town this morning it has a new life and vibrancy brought on by the gradual influx now of holiday makers, looking for sun and fun in Ventnor. Check out the Love Ventnor website at for Ventnor information!

Not much sun at the moment though as high winds threaten to come back tonight and the sea starts crashing in again into the harbour - always a different scene from the office window. We've been enjoying watching Simon Reeve and his trip around the Caribbean - we had a wonderful two weeks away from the office, on a Caribbean cruise with Thomson Cruises, and visited 9 different islands. And they are all so different too - from the ABC islands down near South America, to the richest Caribbean island of them all - Barbados. A rich country and the same size as the Isle of Wight!

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