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Things are looking up!

For me, life almost came back somewhere near to normal yesterday. A glorious day in Cowes watching my family racing on the Solent, followed by lunch in the Island Sailing Club and a walk through the town and some shopping in the local shops. It’s a great feeling to feel safe again and enjoying the things I love.

The office move is coming along - relocation is something that many people will be doing over the next few months I think. Office space, once considered to be an absolute essential if you want to create a professional environment, is fast becoming the least favourable option for those thinking about starting a business. For many business and services, a very high percentage of work can be undertake remotely and of course for me, the majority of my work is virtual and remote.

Of course, some businesses will always need an office base, but will this look very different in the future? I think it will - rooms and office space can be rented for meetings and appointments when necessary and just as we've all had to make changes to our lives with the onset of Covid-19, I see a future which will look very different when it comes to the traditional office spaces, blocks and buildings.

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