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"So what do you actually do?"

There are two questions I'm often asked: what do you actually do and do you have people working for you?

Well, I run the BOSS Business Office Support Services and undertake all the work entirely on my own. This ensures that I can guarantee that all work is of the highest standards and clients know that I work personally for them.

As to what I do, I provide business and admin support and this can be for individuals or businesses. So what does 'business and admin support' actually mean? Well, these are some of things I've been working on over the last six months or so:

· typing reports and document formatting

· creating Word templates for business document libraries

· taking 'live' minutes on Zoom/Teams calls

· transcribing recorded meetings

· setting up mail-merge letters

· typing book chapters

· database work

Contact me if you think your business will benefit from focussed support.


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