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  • Sue Matthews

New Year, New Decade! 2020 is here!

So not only is it a new year and we're now into 'the Twenties' but it's also a new decade. Here in the BOSS Business Office Support Services office, we're celebrating five years since the business was launched and I know I've come a long way since the first January morning in 2015 when I 'opened for business'.

When I launched the business, I envisaged that I would support both businesses, individuals and families, mainly because having an office base and not being entirely 'virtual' would allow local people to physically visit me in the office in they chose to. I've been delighted to find that over the five years I've had a good mix of remote working (I have one client who I've worked with for four years and he's never set foot in the office!) and locals popping in for ad hoc typing. It's a perfect mix and means that any number of days are never the same.

But, are you finding it difficult to define what you need help with? Here's a tip - make a list of 'stuff' that needs doing but that you absolutely feel you must do yourself. Next, consider areas of work where I could free up some of your time. This could be anything from asking me to create some templates if you write reports, to typing the documents and formatting them, creating presentations, putting a newsletter together, consulting on office layouts and systems, proofreading documents, undertaking research or maybe you want to hone your skills in minute taking or business writing skills - I train in both of these skills.


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