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Keeping busy in August!

I've finally completed the move into my new home office - it started at the beginning of lockdown of course but now I have it set up for the way I like to work. I'm a tidy worker, and I'm delighted with the new set-up.

As part of the move, I have a very long list of everything that needs to be changed when moving offices - all the addresses, the phone numbers, the contact details and it ranges from updating the website, social media sites, even email signatures - an endless list!

I think it's really important to spend time working on our own businesses though - we can easily spend all our time working for others (which we want to do) but at a cost to ensuring that we have everything running smoothly in our own business.

Although August is usually a much quieter month, this year everything has changed - I've been much busier this month than normal. The variety of work is what I enjoy most about working for myself - in the last four weeks I've worked on database management, interview transcriptions, mail-merge letters, copy typing memoirs and professional reports/letters. I've also been preparing social media newsletters and finalising some business skills training for groups of eight people.

If you think I can help with behind-the-scenes support for your business, give me a call.


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