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How did we get to October?

Well, September came and went and I'm not sure where it went! I've been working on several projects so I think the old adage of 'time flies when you're busy' is probably true.

Having nearly completed a typed manuscript for a client's book, we're now moving onto the publishing stage using the self-publishing route. It's an exciting time for someone to see their book in print and I've been discussing options and ways forward with a view to completing by the end of February- it's not a quick process but it's certainly rewarding.

I've also been working on updating my minute-taking course which I've enjoyed delivering to several companies now. You may be wondering whether this is a lost art and does anyone actually take minutes anymore. Well, yes they do, and for Trust Boards and Company Directors there is a legal requirement to do so. But, the times they are a-changing of course, and board meetings are often now taking place virtually. This means some adaption is needed but minutes can still be taken successfully using video conferencing.

There is a big difference though between transcribing a recording of a meeting, and taking minutes. Transcribing, if the quality is good enough, will be a transcript of every word said - for minute-taking this is not want is wanted, needed or required. A good set of minutes records succinctly, but accurately and impartially, decisions and agreements, actions and resolutions.

Two other pieces of work have kept me busy - mail-merge letters and the creation of a traditional newsletter. Social media newsletters are not for everyone and for some people an actual printed newsletter is still a requirement. I enjoy the creativity that this allows too.

So that's just a little look into the variation of my work during the last few weeks. That's the great thing about freelancing and managing your own work and business. It's always a learning journey!


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