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Heading into Spring

Lunchtime view - it's good to take a break from the computer screen and enjoy this from the office window.

During the last couple of weeks I've been putting together a client's national newsletter, finalising a set of minutes, transcribing a video conference and creating some document templates. Always something different, always something interesting!

And of course, we're coming up to it being nearly a year since the first lockdown, and so this year has brought so many new ways of working. Zoom, Skype and Teams video calls have helped in so many ways to bring the workplace into the home, and allow some creative thinking on how to continue providing business support virtually, so inevitably that means learning new skills, new tools and moving out of the comfort zone. Fortunately, I've been able to achieve this and have continued to support businesses and clients seamlessly throughout this time.

So, as we move into the heady heights of summer, in particular the end of June, and the possibility of meeting people and networking again face to face, it will be interesting to see whether the love affair with Zoom continues! I think it will be a bit of both - a continuation of quick and easy Zoom/Team/ Skype calls, combined with the very real enjoyment of meeting over a lunch or coffee.


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