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Coronavirus - Covid-19 - Update

As much as I would like to be looking at the amazing view that I normally have from my office window, the current situation with Coronavirus means that I, like millions of others, am now staying at home.and consequently working from home too.

I've been really impressed with how so many businesses are finding innovative ways to either continue with their work or where that hasn't been possible, volunteer to help others or even turn their businesses into something completely different in order to help the NHS or the local community.

I've also been enjoying virtual networking coffee mornings, all with the help of Zoom. These are a great way to keep in touch with others and find out how they're coping. Zoom has really come into its own and I wonder how many businesses will start to completely reconsider their views on home working for employees.

I'm fortunate in that I am by own boss (no pun intended!) and as such have been able to choose each day whether I worked in my office, or from home, but I've learnt that each working space as its benefits.

So, for the time being, this is my new view and 'home office'!


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