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A typical week

At the end of October, we braved the bureaucratic paperwork to spend ten days abroad, on the lovely Greek island of Rhodes. Plenty of sun, relaxation, rest and a boat trip to another small Greek Island, Symi.

Good planning and letting my clients know well in advance that I would be taking time away from the office, meant that I could enjoy the time away without worrying about work. Now though, I am back at my desk, and straight into work. So for those who wonder what the life of a freelancer is like, I can tell you that no two days are the same.

My first week back, and on the Monday afternoon I was straight into attending a live Zoom Trustees Board Meeting - three hours of minute-taking. I like to turn minutes around within a 24-48 period, so the next day was spent on that, plus planning the next couple of weeks work. The next task, for a different set of Board Trustees, was to gather in audio files of their recent Board meetings and start transcribing and summarising.

In between those tasks, I had a h

andover meeting relating to the publication of a client's new book, gathered in articles and photographs from emails in order to format a 40 page newsletter, typed a report and worked on a number of emails relating to organising files.

Whilst I can generally plan ahead, I'm always ready for new queries coming through and discussing with potential clients how I might be able to help them.

So what will next week bring? I know for sure that I won't get bored!


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