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Celebrate good times, come on!

Everyone knows Kool & The Gang's 'Celebration' so I know you'll all be singing that tune in your head for a while now! Well, this month (the 14th November actually) marks the 5th Anniversary of the sowing of the seeds which eventually resulted in BOSS Business Support Services. That was my brainstorming day that kicked the whole thing off, with the actual launch day on the 2 January 2015. The photo below shows the first page of my Red 'n' Black notebook with the notes made on that day. I now have five of these notebooks which provides an amazing log of pretty much every piece of work I've undertaken since then.

My LinkedIn connections already know that it was difficult to decide on which day to celebrate, having posed the question there a while back, and the results were pretty evenly split between the two dates. It's true that without the two and half months of actually getting everything ready then I couldn't have launched on 2 January - and initially I only started the business with the intention of 'giving it a go' for a year - as a sort of 'project'. Little did I know!

So five years on, we have much to celebrate: a long list of clients, many of whom are still with us and have been since day one (well, maybe day fifteen....). And along the way, I've met so many people, learned that networking is an art form, understood that not everyone is going to be an 'ideal client' and also developed so many skills associated with running a business that when I look back I'm not really quite sure how I did it.

The enjoyment I get from running my own business is ultimately the freedom it gives me - I can choose when and with whom I work with - perfect.

So, in January 2020, BOSS Business Office Support Services will be celebrating five years of good times! And for those who like to look at my famous 'legendary view' from my office, here it is.

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