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Helpful apps for small businesses

I'm constantly amazed at the number of apps which have become available for even the smallest of businesses. Running a business single-handed means that we often need all the help we can get to ensure that we keep up with ever changing trends in managing all aspects of the business, including keeping customers happy, juggling time, keeping social media and websites up to date, completing accounting procedures and ensuring that the business name is out there and getting noticed.

I've listed below some of the tools and apps that I use to help me - they're in no particular order but in the main, they do what it says on the tin!

Vimeo - if videos are important for your business (and LinkedIn seems to like videos) this is very useful.

Unsplash - a large library of freely usable, high-resolution photos that anyone can use. I always prefer to use my own photos but this is a very handy site for when there's no time or you're looking for something very specific.

Adobe Acrobat - turns PDFs into editable documents. This isn't free but there are other websites such as and that do a brilliant job completely free.

Microsoft Word - this will convert PDFs into a Word document, and will also convert Word documents to PDFs.

Dropbox - perfect for shared folders and transferring documents.

WeTransfer - a way of sharing documents but has time limitations.

Canva - design banners, posts for social media and much more - very useful and can resize images.

Mailchimp - create and email newsletters. It's currently changing what you can get for free so I expect eventually something will come along to overtake its popularity!

OneNote - Microsoft app which brings lots of information together, not just notes. Can take a bit of time to get used to though.

Toggl - time management recording system - very useful for recording time spent on individual clients and creates clear and concise reports that some clients may wish to have. Free for basics which is all I've ever needed.

Brightbooks - accounting for those who hate numbers, which includes me. Very simple, and free.

Trello - project management boards for seeing at a glance what's happening with various projects.

Zoom - for holding webinars and meetings. Basic plan includes unlimited meetings, no expiration date, no time limit on 1-1 meetings or a 40 minute limit on meetings with 3-100 people.

Rocketbook Everlast - use the Rocketbook Everlast app and the accompanying wipe-clean A4 book and be instantly organised with your handwritten notes which can be sent directly into a pre-assigned folder on the app. Brilliant for time-saving.

Annotate - phone app which allows you to annotate photos quickly and easily from the comfort of your sofa!

So those are just a few of the apps that I use, some often, some only occasionally but all work well when I do need them.

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