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  • Sue

Moving into Year 4

Unbelievably it's now four years since BOSS Business Office Support Services became a reality. The first day of business was 2nd January 2015 and I clearly remember how we worked hard to make sure the office was ready for any clients or customers who walked through the door on that morning, or phoned on our new landline number, or Skyped us. Quite how folk were going to do that when the idea of starting up my own business had only been just that, an idea in my head, just two months previously, I don't know, as I had not, at that point, advertised my existence other than with the website.

I proudly sat at my new desk, and waited...….and waited. The website was up and running and I waited for the rush of new clients, all eager for me to help with their admin and business support which all small businesses need - someone to take the secretarial and office tasks off of their hands, whilst they ran their business free of worrying about mounting piles of paperwork.

Well, it soon became clear that you can't sit at a desk, forever hopeful. You have to get out there and do something or how will anyone know what they're missing? I slowly found my social media feet, starting with Twitter, then reluctantly with Facebook and finally with LinkedIn. I also joined two local business associations and the local IW Chamber of Commerce - these all provide valuable networking opportunities and I learnt that I had to be consistent with attending these - no point in turning up to one or two and then expecting everyone to remember who you are. Nope, it doesn't work like that and I quickly learnt that too.

Slowly but surely, the client list started to build up and the work started to come in. I was in no great rush to build a huge client base, and getting used to being my own BOSS (pun intended) I also took pleasure in pursuing leads when I wanted to, or choosing not to if I thought the work was not suited to me.

And now, four years later, I'm still in business, running BOSS Business Office Support Services on my own and ensuring that I take the time to understand the clients' businesses which of course means that I can support them in a proactive way. As a virtual Executive Assistant (virtual for some who never set foot in the office but not necessarily for others!) my clients gain from my experience as an Executive Assistant, supporting Directors and Chief Executives for many years.

I also now provide practical support to local people who just want a letter typed now and then, or a couple of invoices every other week, or a diary typed up, or minutes taken ..... not all of my work involves business men and women trying to juggle front and back offices. It's this variation in the work that I undertake that I enjoy so much - and I hope that 2019 continues to bring me more opportunities and new experiences - maybe writing a book or delivering my own on-line courses - that's the great thing about running your own business in that it expands, develops and grows in the way that you choose. Happy New Year!

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