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Letting go...or autumnal tidy up

Some people love the oncoming autumn days - walking along countryside paths with golden leaves, cosy pubs with fires blazing, getting out warm boots and chunky jumpers......and maybe the opportunity to start sorting out the admin tasks that go with running a business, or finally deciding that maybe you should start to put that book or novel together that you've been thinking about for years but have never quite got round to doing. Autumnal nights are perfect for getting sorted and clearing the way to being organised – it’s something we often put off during the summer months unless we have a particularly wet, drizzly and damp day and don’t feel compelled to be outside!

So, having decided it's a good time, where do you go from there - what can you possibly delegate or outsource? Surely no-one else can do all the tasks that you know you have to do - how could they, they don't know your business?

Well, it can be done and it’s often just a question of sitting down and really thinking about what can someone else do for you, as good as, or better than, you can do yourself? Remind yourself that by letting go of some admin tasks, you’re going to be able to concentrate and have more time to work on the things that you’re really interested in – concentrating on what’s important to you and your business, going back to working on the things that you really enjoy. Imagine that! No more mundane admin stuff to think about.

And once the decision is taken to let go of one or two admin tasks, and things go well, then you'll wonder why you haven't thought of it before, why you had all the doubts about letting aspects of running your business fall into the hands of others.

But when it comes to deciding what tasks it might be possible to ask someone to take on, then here's a tip to help you decide what admin tasks you might outsource;

1) make a list of the tasks that you know you absolutely must do yourself

2) then make another list of those you might consider asking an Assistant to help you with but are reluctant to let go of

3) and then make a third list of those tasks that you really don't, won't or can't do - that's probably the one that an assistant, virtual or otherwise, can help you with.

So what are you waiting for? Give me a call!

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