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Big boats, little boats - Part 2

Last August I wrote about 'Big boats, little boats' having just watched the start of the iconic Fastnet Race from Cowes, and now that this year's Cowes Week has just finished I was reminded that the analogy that I drew then between fast and slow boats in a one-off race, can equally be applied to those yachts of all sizes that raced this year during the eight days of Cowes Week - whilst they compete in different classes, the overall winner in the Black Group is often one of the smaller boats. Even during a race, whilst one of the big boys such as Gladiator will be the first over the line, it doesn't necessary mean that she has won the race. Different ratings and calculations mean that on corrected time a smaller boat may well have won the actual race.

So what's this got to do with running a business? I know there are big companies out there who offer similar services to me - they have teams of PAs, VAs and Admin/Social Media assistants who all do a fantastic job supporting their clients, and then there's me - a 'team' of one so I wear several hats ranging including CEO, PA, VA, Social Media marketing and website maker! And all this to be fitted in with providing admin support to my own clients. So yes, we're not racing at the same level, but we are all aiming for the same finishing point, and whilst some of us might not get the gun at the end of the race, we've still competed and that's all part of the fun.

If you'd like to read my post from last August, here's the link.

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