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Supporting small businesses

Many people who take the first steps towards establishing their own business are usually experts in their field - they are in their element when providing their services but not quite so keen to do some of the admin and paperwork that inevitably comes with it.

Business admin, keeping up with social media, writing up reports, attending meetings and at the same time trying to keep the core business running means that often admin takes a back seat but this need not be the case if a business is able to identify what admin tasks it can successfully outsource.

Outsourcing isn't quite as difficult as it sounds, and many people still think of this as being something that large corporate companies do in order to try and reduce their staff numbers, so inevitably the word 'outsourcing' has had negative overtones in the past. But this is all starting to change now, especially as more and more people decide to become their own boss and find ways to easily offload the admin - for example nearly everyone has a mobile phone that can be used to dictate notes. These can be emailed for transcription (audio typing). With tools such as Dropbox and of course email, the work that can be outsourced is wide and varied.

So, the message to all those small businesses out there who really don't want to be spending time on 'admin', think about outsourcing it - contact Sue here at BOSS IW and discuss the options that are available to ensure that your business stays focused on its core business - and of course leave the admin to those of us who are experts in this field!

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