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  • Sue

Into Springtime

The Met Office tell us that, in the Astronomical calendar, Spring begins on the 20th March, and that 1 March is the meteorological start of Spring - either way, I reckon it's Spring now! It's been a busy few weeks in the office, with lots of wide and varied work to keep me busy.

For the first time, I delivered a Minute-taking course on behalf of the Isle of Wight College. This was an exciting new branch of work for me - teaching 13 keen administrators who all have to take Minutes during the course of their work. My minute-taking experience stretches back more than thirty years, but much of it within the last 15 years and some of that experience included very high level meetings including those with representatives from Government offices. I was able to impart some of my expertise, hints and tips to those on the course, who all seemed to enjoy the morning!

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