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  • Sue

In the bleak mid-Winter...

Well, here in Ventnor we don't often get bleak mid-winters, although when we do, being the most southerly point of the Island, we can get some pretty harsh winds, even snow. But, most of the time the sun shines here and when it gets busy in the office my favourite walk is along Ventnor seafront with its golden sands and wonderful light. How lucky to be able to walk along there, just five minutes from the office.

We've had a very busy few weeks during October and November, and have been juggling several projects so that deadlines are met for all our clients. The sense of satisfaction on completion of a large piece of work always compensates for any frustrations along the way!

Just four weeks to Christmas and still don't know where the year has gone - and in January we will be celebrating two years of BOSS IW - fantastic!

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