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  • Sue

Keeping up with technology

The technology world moves at a face past and small businesses, such as BOSS IW, need to ensure that they keep up with it. Spending time keeping Twitter, Facebook and Google+ up to date with the latest news and goings-on in the BOSS IW office means I need to ensure that technology and social media skills are absolutely up to date.

So, this month, I spent time with the team from Digital Eaze by joining them on a social media training session at the IW Chamber of Commerce - time very well spent as I came away with many hints and tips to help me keep awareness of what BOSS IW can offer across all of the social media platforms.

And Sidney's owner (see last month's blog!), Peter Marchant, visited us in the office to present us with a personally signed copy of his new book - we helped him on the path to publish his book by going down the self-publishing route online. This was a very interesting project which uses digital technology, and the power of Amazon, to allow budding authors to not only see their work published in hardback or paperback form, but also (if they choose) to have it available electronically as well as an e-book.

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