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  • Sue

It's not all play!

Ventnor Beach, half term holidays and the sun is shining. Some brave folk have even been spotted swimming in the sea! For me here in the BOSS IW office, I've taken a break from the sun and surf and have concentrated efforts on Twitter and Skype.

Twitter continues to be a source of fascination - it keeps us up to date with news, events and what's in and what's out. And, we're now on Skype, linked in with a webcam too, so call us and you'll see the wonderful view from the office window, straight along the Ventnor coastline towards the lovely Steephill Cove.

It's any wonder that work gets done at all with a view like this, but work continues here, and if you're on holiday or your staff have gone on theirs, then call, Skype or Tweet us and we can give a helping hand with the admin tasks - your work is still there and it can build up, so I can help to keep you up to date with those letters, reports, transcriptions, PowerPoints - the list goes on.

So - call, Tweet or Skype us or if you just want to 'Follow' us on Twitter, then hit the button on the front page.

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