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Into Summer!

The Brits like to talk about the weather - if it's wet and windy we complain we haven't had any summer, if we have a heatwave we complain that it's too hot. For me, after all the bad weather that has so far made up our 'summer', I was very pleased that things finally warmed up! The timing couldn't have been more perfect either as we took ourselves off to Plymouth to watch the sailing Grand Prix - SailGP.

Watching the SailGP live, with eight 50ft catamarans doing incredible speeds, shows the teamwork that goes behind providing the excitement of the racing, not just for spectators but also the crews on these boats - each person in the team knows their contribution is key to success and each bringing their own skills, knowledge and experience.

Working in freelancing and running your own business with no employees, means that you're a team of one - but are you? I work by myself but I feel I have a team around me of people who will support me, let me draw on their knowledge and experience and generally be there if I want to sound something out. These people are family, of course, but also friends and other business owners that I've met through networking or as clients.

So the thrill of the SailGP and the teams that compete and ultimately win the racing, is no different really than the excitement of finding a solution to a problem (techy or otherwise!) and the sense of achievement that it brings.

And, after the thrills and spills of the ultra-fast sailing, it was time to cruise and sail along the Tamar - it could have been anywhere in the world it was so warm and relaxing but as we know, there are many beautiful spots in this country. So enjoy the Summer!


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