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Fun and Games

If you follow my blog, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages, you will know that I often post a photo of the view from my office, but just for a change, today I'm posting a view OF my office!

From this amazing office I help to organise peoples lives. Well, perhaps not their lives, but I do help them to become more organised with their admin or with those projects which haven't quite got off the ground and they are in need of a helping hand.

I often find various 'productivity' apps which for me sometimes do just the opposite, with more time spent on trying to figure out how to use them. This photo was 'annotated' with the Annotate App on my iPhone. It's fun - but for occasional use only I think! Amazingly, I posted it on LinkedIn and it got over 6,000 views!

Of course, I can see why it had so many views - it's a bit different and has a fun element to it. Another recent find has been a 'notebook' which looks like a normal spiralbound A4 notebook but the pages are made of some kind of plastic (let's hope it's biodegradable) and you can write on them, transfer the contents (via an app) to your folders in such places as Dropbox or OneDrive, and then wipe the page off. Some might say there's nothing remarkable in that as with a mobile phone and a scanner app, this can be done without buying a notebook.

The different thing about this one is that by using the app associated with the notebook, and indicating by ticking an icon on the bottom of the sheet, the contents of the sheets are sent directly to the appropriate folder - cutting out several steps, and with the added advantage that it also has OCR (character recognition) which means your handwritten notes can be converted to text - amazing! This notebook is called RocketBook Everlast - I've yet to buy one as they are a tad expensive for a notebook at around £30, and I'm a lover of stationery (who isn't?) but it sounds like a nice new toy...…...although I'm convinced that used properly it can be a real time-saver.

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