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  • Sue

Happy Holidays

We're now well into July and many people are thinking about the summer holidays - living on the Isle of Wight our summers are sometimes longer than others, with the season starting early in March and going on well into October. Ventnor gets its fair share of holiday makers, and with our lovely beach and southerly aspect it often has a Mediterranean feel - and of course once a year we have the fantastic spectacular of nearly 1,400 yachts sailing by for the Round the Island Race.

This year the boats were off Ventnor early in the morning but locals and those on holiday were able to enjoy Ventnor Day, a day for all the family to enjoy with music and stalls for everyone. The BOSS office has one of the best vantage points for both of these events with our view which radiates along the coast beyond Steephill Cove and onto the horizon - depending on whether you point to the south or the west across the sea, the next stop would be France or Brazil!!

View from the BOSS IW Office,Ventnor

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